An Intense Night In An Asylum – Fergus Falls Sanitarium

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Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center, Midwest Outer Realm Followers

Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center

Midwest Outer Realm Followers Inc. (M.O.R.F.) was granted full access to the Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center in Fergus Falls MN on the night of June 30 2012.  The following is the account of what happened within this asylum’s 124 year old walls.

Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center (Fergus Falls RTC) was first commissioned in 1885, and saw its first patients in 1889 as a state mental hospital. At the time of being built, Fergus Falls RTC was one of the largest buildings on the planet. This structure is huge with many miles of tunnels under it’s impressive motif. This facility is for the most part is no longer in use. It is also know as the Kirkbride building. The facility was nearly self sufficient with having its own farm for food production. It housed thousands of patients; including the criminally insane. 3,146 patients died within its walls.

M.O.R.F. arrived at the Kirkbride building approximately at 6:00 p.m. After receiving a partial tour of the building. Equipment was then unpacked and set up in various places within the old asylum while there was still daylight left.

There was power to main corridors of the hospital with lights that were kept on for the night in those main corridors. The patient areas and upper floors were lacking electricity and were dark. There were heavy doors everywhere with some of them being locked, but most were unlocked and we were allowed to go anywhere within the hospital. When these heavy metal doors swung shut, it was quite loud.

The team members consisted of Eric Moen, Diana Gurley, Steve Little, Kelly Randolph (a.k.a PRK) along with his wife Amanda, and Dawn Gibb.  Craig Gauss also joined us as a a guest investigator/photographer.

The team set up a video camera system on the third floor Dr.s residence.  This is where Dr. Patterson had lived for years.  Dr. Patterson has been rumored to be seen looking out of the windows onto the hospital’s vast property.  After the cameras had been turned on, some of the group’s members thought that they saw a shadow figure peering around the top bannister of the massive staircase leading up to the servant’s quarters on the monitor for the video cameras.

With all the equipment in place, the group as a whole ventured into the ward that housed the criminally insane.  This unit was lacking electricity so we had to rely on our night vision cameras and flashlights.  The patients’ rooms were tiny.  The last time this area was used was in the 1950′s.  The doors all had round peep holes in them so the staff could look in upon the patients.   All the doors were wood and on most, scratches were present from patients clawing at the wood with their fingernails.  It was indeed very creepy on this unit.  As the group walked through by the rooms with the doors open, various noises could be heard.  Tapping, rapping, and knocks were heard by all.  As Eric was walking past one of the doors, a audible bump was heard from a door as if someone kicked the door.  As it was dark in the area, it was hard to say for certain, but it seemed like one of the doors in front of  Eric had swung open as if someone had lightly kicked it.  The group then sat quietly and listened to sounds of the ward.  More rapping and knocks were heard.  One of the digital voice recorders picked up the sounds of a man grunting/groaning briefly.   It was all very eery. Diana had heard the sounds of someone whistling from behind her.  No one else was in the vicinity of our group.

Team members then decided to split up into teams of two or three people to go off exploring the hospital.  No one was allowed to investigate by themselves.  It was during this time that Steve and Craig were wandering around the corridors, when they both experienced a heavy metal door being slammed in front of them.  They both witnessed the door violently being shut.  They thought that one of the other teams had shut the door behind themselves, but no one else was around.

While other team members were investigating, Dawn decided to rest a short period in the team’s meeting area on the main floor by the front door.  She was by herself in the well lit front lobby of the hospital.  It was at this time that she witnessed a full body apparition pass through the main lobby, then walk into one of the darkened rooms.  The figure was a black mass in the shape of a human being.

The team reconvened and met in the lobby area where Dawn was.  Dawn spoke of the dark figure that she had seen.  Steve decided to look around some of the adjacent rooms.  As he did so, he observed a triangular black mass move in front of his feet.  He couldn’t explain exactly what it was, other than a black mass.  He was visibly shaken.

After Dawn’s experience, Craig left for his hotel as he had a long drive home the next day.  All of the other team members with the exception of Dawn, decided to investigate some of the tunnels under the hospital and visit the morgue.  Sam and JoJo, two of the hospital’s security team, joined us as our guides through the dangerous maze of tunnels.    It was approximately 2:00 a.m. at this point.  We spent about an hour in the tunnels.  At one point, our EMF detector started to flash a very high reading.  At the same time of this reading, Diana turned around and snapped a picture behind herself.  She captured a mysterious floating mist along side the wall.  Upon further review of the wall, there wasn’t any mist still lingering.  At the exact moment of the high meter reading and Diana’s mist photo, PRK saw his breath becoming frosty.  Diana also felt a distinct chill run down through her entire body.  Other people had sensed something different about the tunnel as well at time of this occurrence.

We found the morgue with its draining table still occupying its space where it had seen hundreds of lifeless bodies placed onto it.  It was a very eery location.  Nothing remarkable took place in the morgue that night.

As the night’s investigation drew to a close, a few members went back to the ward that housed the criminally insane.  They brought the ghost box with.  The ghost box is a radio that has been altered to scan AM or FM radio bands with a continuous sweep.  It is thought that spirits can communicate in real time by using the radio frequency sweep to form short words and quick phrases.  The communication that was received through the box had them quickly exiting this ward without any desire to return anytime soon.

Eric, JoJo, Sam, Steve and PRK were present during the ghost box session at 5 a.m.  Questions were being asked of the spirits of the criminally insane ward.  It was thought that Sam was being followed by certain spirits.  When asked why Sam was being followed, the word “kill” came through several times.  We also were receiving a lot of clear one or two syllable responses to our queries through the box.  It seemed that we were in communication with something.  As we were repeating the question as to why the spirits were following Sam, a clear distinct voice came through the box in what could be considered a demonic voice replying: “Why are asking the same question?’ We never have a received such a long, clear reply through the box before.  We all decided that it was time to call the investigation complete for the night.

Upon initial evidence review, Steve’s video camera that was placed in the fourth floor servants’ quarters revealed the sounds of footsteps approaching it and then revealed impressions of footsteps directly in front of the camera.  The floor boards are visibly being moved as if someone were walking across the floor in front of the camera.   Both Diana and Steve captured mists in the tunnel area.  Eric caught the sounds of a man in the criminally insane area on his voice  recorder.  There are literally hours of video footage and audio recordings that have to be examined at the time this account is being written.  More information will be added as it presents itself.

Many thanks to the City of Fergus Falls MN for allowing us to investigate the Kirkbride building.  This is a historic asylum that which needs to be preserved.

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  • Midwest Paranormal Files

    Nice blog, sounds like a fun night. FYI, MPF actually conducted their investigation a week before you. We had a blast and hope you caught some good stuff. Did you find any of our glow sticks from our investigation the week before? We might have left a few in the cold and damp area of the basement. Since you were down there, did you guys see the creepy play set with the die 10 and candels, little figurines, and to the right of that there was a mask
    and cape piled up on the floor. That was creepy stuff. How did your
    group handle the bats and dead pigeons? How about the oscar the grouch
    doll in one of the commons areas on 2nd floor. I kicked it a little
    and got a response.

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